Thank you for visiting the AEMW Website. AEMW is the Malagasy Students’ Union in Wuhan (Central China.)
First of all, we are grateful to God for each of His many blessings, and I also wish to thank all of the members who have trusted me and voted for me to serve as President of the AEMW.

I also express my sincerest gratitude to:

  • The new board members, for their devotion to help and cooperate with me
    in order to improve and promote this organization,
  • The senior members and founders of the AEMW,
  • All of the former Presidents and board members,
  • The creators and promoters of this website.

The AEMW, or Malagasy Students’ Association in Wuhan, is an association which gathers all of the Malagasy living in Wuhan, welcoming any students and scholars who are willing to be a part of the organization.
The general goals of the association are:

  • To strengthen the BROTHERLINESS, UNITY, FRIENDSHIP, and MUTUAL SUPPORT between the Malagasy people and society at large,
  • To value and pay respect to Malagasy culture and customs, especially by educating the public about them,
  • To provide mutual support and assistance with regards to members’ studies and educational success.
  • To strengthen the relationship between the association and Malagasy Government officials, whether in China or in Madagascar,
  • To foster relationships with existing associations and organizations throughout China and abroad,
  • To seek and protect the common interests of all of its members.

We are thrilled to be able to provide you with more information about the AEMW throughout this site. Have a look around, and please feel free to contact us if you have any comments or are in need of additional information. Your advice, help, donations and requests for support are all welcome.
Thank you,

Strong as stones are the united, but the divided are weak as sands.

Mr. MAMODSON Zafiniaina Adore